Calum Murray:

     I have always owned some kind of camera for the purpose of documenting, and my desire to document action sports initially prompted my interest in cameras. The technical aspect of cameras drew me into the world of photography, and then I was captivated by the images being captured that depict the beauty of our natural world. Now that I’ve developed more of a critical eye, photography has become a necessary creative outlet for me, and the enjoyment I get from photography only seems to grow. One of my favorite parts of photography is conveying mood in a two dimensional image and representing something special about the subject. I love the subtleties and effects of color with the interplay of light. Sometimes photography gives me an excuse to stand in the middle of a beautiful landscape at times of day or night that would be otherwise perceived as uncomfortable. Sleepless nights, frigid temperatures, and strenuous hikes all seem worth it after enjoying those few moments of beauty. 

All images copyright Calum Murray 2017