Ben Ganon

I picked up my first camera in high school and was enthralled by the simple joy of capturing a moment in time. There is something addictive about creating an image by stealing a moment in time for yourself and whomever else sees it. Back then, I simply pressed the shutter on auto and paid no mind to composition. I just wanted the moment. My love for the outdoors grew as I did, and after I graduated from the University of Vermont it seemed like a beneficial idea to learn the technical side of photography. Calum had recently bought a DSLR and with a great friend as a resource I jumped head first into learning. Discussions with Cal, YouTube tutorials, books, podcasts, and tens of thousands of mediocre photos later, I have learned a lot. I have learned that photography isn't all about photos. It's about the people you that meet, the appreciation of the world around you, and the expression of creativity that I need every day. 

A recent image of mine that I am stoked about.
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